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Material from the 13th IBFRA Conference

Day   Introduction  Lecturer  Title (follow links)
 1    Erik Normark, Chief Silviculturist Holmen Skog.  Boreal Forest Management at Holmen Skog today and tomorrow.
     Seppo Kellomäki,  Faculty of Forestry, University of Joensuu, Finland  Management of Boreal forest under climate change – Impacts and response strategies.


Topic Contact E-mail
Boreal Forest History Lars Östlund Lars.Ostlund@svek.slu.se
Boreal Forest Management Björn Hånell Bjorn.Hanell@ssko.slu.se
Climate change Sune Linder Sune.Linder@ess.slu.se




Lecturer Title (follow links)


Boreal Forest History Timo Myllyntaus, University of Turku Finland  Keynote: A Past in the Embrace of Wood - The Multiple Use of Boreal Forests in the Nordic Countries.

Sutinen, R. & Hyvönen E.

Granulite belt constitutes an edaphic dispersal barrier for Norway spruce in Finnish Lapland


Karlsson, H., Hörnberg, G. & Hannon, G.

 Long lasting effects of settlement on vegetation in the tree line ecotone during the late Holocene- paleoecolgical indications of local human induced deforestation in the Swedish Scandes. (Not published here).
     Krankina, O  Age cohorts of forest stands - a footprint of past disturbance.
    Summers, R.  An interpretation of the structure of stands of Scots pines (Pinus sylvestris) i Abernethy Forest.

Bobrovsky M.

 Application of Soil Morphological Methods for Reconstruction of Boreal Ecosystem History
     Törnlund, E

Dynamic landscapes – forest industry, timber floating operations and landscape change in Northern Sweden 1850-1890.




Lecturer  Title (follow links)


 Boreal Forest management    Key Note: Continuous Cover Forestry as a Model for Boreal Forest Management: Advantages and Shortcomings.
    Hawkins, C. & Rogers, B  How much birch is too much: Maximizing spruce growth?
    Pfister, O., Wallentin, C., Nilsson, U., & Ekö, P M.  Silviculture in spruce with wide spacing.

Ahtikoski, A., Hökkä, H., Kojola, S., & Penttilä, T.

Ditch network maintenance as a private investment - does it pay off in Finland

     Chumachenko S. &Pentelkina, O. Scenarios modeling forest dynamics as the tool of decision-making at choice of strategy sustainable forest management.

Nakajima, T., Hiroshimsa, T., & Matsumoto, M.

 Analysis of the management of boreal plantations in Hokkaido prefecture, Japan.




Lecturer  Title (follow links)


 Climate change  Tom Gower, University of Wisconsin  Keynote: Boreal Forest Carbon Budgets in a Changing Climate.
     McGuire, D., Euskirchen, E., Chapin III, F.S., Zhuang, Q., Melillo, J., Kicklighter, D., Walsh J. & Wirth, C.  Integrated regional changes in Boreal forest climate feedbacks: Implications for the global climate system.
     Bhatti, J., Chertov, O., Komarov, A., Mikhailov, A., Bykhovets, S. & Nadporozskaya, M.  Application of a simulation model EFIMOD for the quantification of the impact of climate change, fire, insect attack, and harvest on the Boreal forest ecosystem dynamics in central Canada.

Wirth, C., Lichstein, J.W., Chen, A., Dushoff, J., Pacala, S.W. & Chapin III, F.S.

 What controls the boundary between black and white spruce in a warmer climate? – Lessons from a regeneration study across environmental gradients in interior Alaska (Not published here).


Lopatin, E., Kolström, T. & Spiecker, H.

  Impact of climate change on radial growth of Siberian spruce and Scots pine in Northwestern Russia .
    Franklin, O., Obersteiner, M., Kraxner, F. & Moltchanova, E.  Forest growth and management model for European and global scales.

Shvidenko, A., Shepaschenko, D., Nilsson, S. & McCallum, I.

Dynamics of productivity of Russian forests in a changing world (1960-2005).



Presentations from Day 2

Presentations from Day 3

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